Art Therapy Institute • • 919.381.6068

The Art Therapy Institute (ATI) is an organization of mental health professionals dedicated to the healing power of the arts. We provide clinical art therapy services to diverse populations, empowering clients to develop their identities through the art-making process. We also offer training to allied professionals and seek to raise awareness in the general community about our profession and the benefits of arts-based therapy.

Healthy Girls Save the World • • 919.391.0160

Healthy Girls Save the World, Inc. believes that every girl deserves a positive space in her community where she is encouraged to learn what it means to be healthy both inside and out, as well as given the resources to do so.The mission of HGSW is to provide transformational experiences and education on proper nutrition, the benefits of physical activity, and overall healthy lifestyles so that girls will be knowledgeable and enabled to make healthy choices in their lives. HGSW organizes after-school programs and summer camps that encourage the development of healthy and balanced lifestyles for girls.

Musical Empowerment • • 919.590.3586

Through free, one-on-one weekly music lessons, Musical Empowerment nurtures meaningful relationships between collegiate mentors and children in under-served communities. Both the children and college student volunteers in our program learn tangible skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Children learn how to play an instrument, read music, and perform in front of an audience. Practicing and performing music requires perseverance, hard work, creativity, and dedication—skills that youth from the community can use to become successful adults. Volunteers learn how to communicate effectively with children and their parents, how to develop a curriculum for effective music lessons, and how to be positive, supportive, and empathetic mentors for their students. We currently have three chapters at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, and Wake Forest University.

PTA Thrift Shop • • 919.967.1272

The PTA Thrift Shop (PTA TS) is a high-impact, self-sustaining organization that serves adults, children, and families by using its financial and soft goods resources to fund educational needs and support human services. The PTA TS is Green Plus Certified and drives economic and community development. Its unique business model is scalable and has been duplicated in multiple states. Enriches lives by building collaborative partnerships and transferring charitable donations into educational and community investments.

Refugee Community Partnership • • 919.590.5910

The Refugee Community Partnership (RCP) is a vibrant community-driven organization that bridges the gap between resettled refugees and their broader community. Through long-term relationship-based support, opportunity development, and cultural stewardship, RCP creates unique pathways to rebuilding home. RCP uses a powerful relationship-based approach and social justice lens to helping newly arrived residents address immediate needs and develop personal pathways toward long term goals. Founded in 2011, RCP now involves the work of hundreds of refugee community leaders, local business owners, students, teachers, University stakeholders, agencies and organizations. Through strategic partnerships spanning across nonprofit, public, and private sectors, we mobilize community resources and stakeholders into a powerful community support infrastructure.

Reintegration Support Network (RSN) • 919.237.3988

The Reintegration Support Networkseeks to address an unfilled need for individual teens as they return to the community after treatment for substance abuse and addiction. In doing so, it uses a youth- centered approach to activate and promote ongoing recovery-oriented communication and support in key life domains. It focuses on creating a web of community connections and support to help youth develop autonomy, self-advocacy and self-sufficiency.

SKJAJA Fund • • 919.929.9099

SKJAJA is focused on connecting kids in families with limited resources with the community through participation in extra-curricular activities. SKJAJA bridges the gap, by paying for activities that aren’t covered by scholarships or other sources, for example: rec sports, music lessons, after school programs, tutoring, equipment/uniforms, school field trips and summer camps. But, it’s not just about the sports, or arts, or academics. Recipients must “pay it forward” through a community service project. Often, that connection with the community continues long after the requirement is fulfilled. SKJAJA Saturdays are group community service projects that link SKJAJA recipients with local high school SKJAJA Club members.

Triangle Bikeworks

Triangle Bikeworks is a nonprofit in the Triangle area that offers transformative experiences for youth with few resources. The youth are provided opportunities to learn more about themselves and the surrounding environment while interacting with adults in professional and casual settings.  The challenges of cycling and other outdoor activities are used as a catalyst for confidence building and self-reliance. Outdoor activities can include any combination of cycling, hiking and camping. Occasionally, the youth will present their accomplishments to the community as an encouragement to others. Triangle Bikeworks’ youth are enriched in mind, body and spirit through transformative community, cultural and cycling experiences.

Youth Forward • • 919.960.1673

Youth Forward supercharges youth-focused nonprofits in Chapel Hill/Carrboro by promoting nonprofit collaboration, providing capacity building training, and investing in youth through its grant funds. Youth Forward grants money to local nonprofits that are addressing the gaps identified in the landscape scan (underserved populations and lack of out-of-school/summer programming) through their Youth Investment Fund and their Bridging the Gap Fund.